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Paradise Club

What's so cool about it? It's only $35.00 per year!


$35.00 per YEAR gets you a cool welcome package including membership card and a hand made TIKI NECKLACE by Tiki King plus some other neat things! (Stuff you get will be at least a $35 retail value!) Don't miss out!


Cool meet & greets with Tiki King and other club exclusive stuff!

A little piece of paradise.



Every year when your membership reneaws you will get the NEW club exclusive limited edition hand made Tiki Necklace ($40 retail value!) and other members only items.


Tiki King might even make a club Tiki Mug if you ask him nicely.



Every time 100 people subscribe each member will be entered into a drawing for a FREE hand made Tiki King Ukulele ($600 retail value!)...


Yeah! EVERY TIME! You have nothing to lose!



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